About us

I think most people reading this blog will know who we are 😉 but for those of you who don’t know us, we are Laura and Benjamin, a Sydney based couple, preparing to travel and kayak around Australia.

Corporate Kayaking photo shoot 151

Benjamin works in Finance and spends most of his days sitting at a desk, most of the time, wishing he could swap jobs with me 😉 My name’s Laura and I’m a Kayak Instructor, spending most of my days watching the sunrise over the harbour bridge, drinking coffee and hanging out with super cool people, who also love kayaking. I think this is the point where I need to ask myself why I’m taking 7 weeks off work..

Toyota what a feeling

Benjamin and I LOVE camping! We LOVE kayaking together and we have always wanted to see how we’d go on a big trip around the country, cooking on an open fire, watching the stars, dodging the crocs and spending 7 weeks together, side-by-side, in the van on the open road. We got married 5 months ago (to the day!) and we still haven’t had a honeymoon or even  a proper weekend off together.

So.. last Thursday, we decided, with Sydney’s weather getting cooler and the mornings getting darker, we figured now would be the perfect time to go. There’s no time like the present, so we’re making a few modifications to Maximus Vanimus, our Kayak Van, and we’re hitting the road on Friday!

Join us on our adventure of a lifetime!

Laura and Benjamin

Ben and Laura Kayaking